updated 8/9/11

Specialty Pieces

Specialty Pieces are large sets, unusual pieces, neckpieces, etc. The things that push the envelope will be found here.
Please check the ruler for actual size. I have discovered that showing glass pieces at a slightly larger size actually gives you a better idea what they look like and a *real size* scan shows far too little detail compared to what you see holding the piece in your hand.

These are just beads, NOT completed jewelry.

Neckpiece sets

9dsp32 Soft Coral Sunset....SOLD.... $44
3 pieces of transparent Soft coral glass over a white background
patterned with copper and vivid rainbows!
The center piece is 2 1/2 inches long .
9esp1- Caramel Foils..SOLD . $58
The center piece is 2.25 inches long.
9dsp15 Silver Streak......SOLD .. $48
3 pieces of red over silver dichroic for shine
A small set, the center piece is 2 inches long .
9dsp21 Red Color Swirl..SOLD ..... $52
3 pieces of red over silver with streaks of vibrant color.
The center piece is 2 1/8 inches long .

Ordering Information

I find that for me and my business it is best to avoid the cart system and correspond directly with my customers. Orders may be placed by email or phone, simply by telling me what it is you would like to order.

I accept Visa, M/C or PayPal as payment options in addition to check and Money order.

For more information just email me at ntaglass@ntaglass.com . For other contact information and discount pricing see the Price List page.

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